Chip Eichelberger

Former Tony Robbins International point person, THE energy source for your event. Proven pro, risk free to the meeting planner
Travels from TN
$9,500 - $12,500

Chip Eichelberger will be THE energy source for your event!

When the CEO approaches the VP of Sales and says ‘You really hit the mark with this speaker and his message’ - you know you picked the “right man”.  Thanks for getting our meeting off and switched on for our upcoming sales season.  Chip, you did the research, key interviews and came to our meeting with the message our sales team needed to hear.  Your pre work was ‘spot-on’ and the handout during the session was a great way to get the most energy and attention for that session.  It worked great!

Mike Parker, VP of Sales, Balfour

He specializes in high energy, interactive and customized opening, after meal and closing presentations. Chip is a proven pro that will do the homework necessary to customize his message with your theme and business model. Chip is consistently told by the organizations that hire him that most speakers were a “rental” and that he was a true partner in making their event a success!

Chip will set the tone for the day at your opening session. The energy, spirit of interaction and engagement will energize the vitality of the entire day. After lunch or dinner is a crucial spot to energize and engage the audience for the rest of the day or before your awards ceremony. The last and maybe the most important impression at your event is your closing session. There must be energy and a call to action! Many conventions fizzle out at the end. Do not let that happen! Chip will tie everything together and send the audience home Switched On!

He is famous for his closing team buliding activity The Board Break Experience – Breaking Barriers program. Check out the amazing pictures and video of how you can use this closing program to help make your event unforgettable.

After five years with world-renowned business leader Tony Robbins, as his international point man, Chip launched his own career. He has since been selected to “Switch On” and energize over 982 events on 3 continents in 9 countries for Ford, Hyatt, Wells Fargo, Proctor & Gamble, Exxon, Dun & Bradstreet, RE/MAX and over 100 diverse associations.

Chip has been ranked a Top 5 Speaker by for the past three years, and one of only 7% of the members of the National Speakers Association to earn the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional designation. Chip has created numerous audio, video and printed products. His newest book is The Smart Guide To Accomplishing Your Goals.

He persuades audiences to reevaluate what is really important, to reach for a more compelling vision, increased accountability, a healthier ‘Get Switched On’ mindset and how to bring greater energy to their career and fam

Chip is the cure for complacency. He will be THE ‘energy source’ for your event.

Chip is passionate about delivering a “sticky and interactive” experience that grabs the attention of the audience immediately and engages them to not just talk about change but to be committed to it. They’re active, switched on participants setting goals and making decisions that have the power to truly impact their life. Never underestimate the power of the one decision he has every audience member make! Change can happen in an instant and any streak starts with one.


It’s amazing to see the transformation….magical is the perfect word.” M & T Bank

Chip’s energy was contagious and he effectively challenged our seasoned vets to get back to the basics and take their game to the next level.” Neptune Technology

Your high energy, hands on engagement style worked particularly well for our global, diverse audience.” DOW Chemical Company

Chip is the person to kick off your meeting, and get the attendees Switched On for the entire event.” American Dental Education Association


Hiring a motivational speaker is not easy. You need someone credible and the audience is going to quickly buy into and think; “they did their homework, he understands me and what I face every day.” Your selection is too important to hire a speaker who is simply going to just do a speech and leave.

Do you need interaction, energy, humor, contagious enthusiasm and a customized message that will challenge the status quo?

Chip Eichelberger’s “Stay Switched On” Package Gives You Greater Return on Your Investment and is included in every speaking fee

Before the event: The earlier you connect with Chip, the more the audience will take away from his presentation. Complete the questionnaire and furnish Chip key people to interview at least six weeks out. Chip will also create a customized video to create audience interest in advance. Chip will use all his resources to help ensure your event rocks long before it even begins! See the Meeting Planner Page for special documents to help you:

At the event: If logistically possible, Chip will arrive in time the night before to attend any dinner/reception. He is easy to work with and glad to pitch in and help any way he can add value. He will sit in on your meeting before he speaks and meet as many participants as he can. His goal is to have your people say, “Wow! How did he know so much about us - it is like he worked with us.” His energy level will be contagious!

After the event: Chip is all about his message being “sticky” and live long after he leaves the stage. This “Stay Switched On” package is valued at over $5000 and empowers my clients who want to maximize their long term return on investment.

1. Audio recording rights to my presentation. You hired me to deliver an amazing customized experience for your participants. It would be a shame for them to hear it only once! Recording of the presentation is highly encouraged. You simply record my customized talk live, duplicate it and distribute to the participants via mp3 or CD.

2. His classic reprint of one of the finest personal development books of all time - THINK. This downloadable eBook is a must read to learn the forgotten success habits of 1918.

3. Stay Switched On Video Series. You can send your participants a MONTHLY video message specially prepared by Chip to keep the message alive. These professional produced 2 - 4 minute messages will add value to your team and keep the message sticky.

All domestic fees include $1000 flat fee for travel, client is responsible for handouts, hotel and ground transportation in the event city.

Each fee includes all customization, phone interviews and time to prepare an excellent program.

Program up to 2 hours $11,000 ($1000 travel additional)
2 hours to full day $13,000 ($1000 travel additional)

You can use Chip for the day! Get two speakers for the price of one. He can do the opening and the closing presentation including the Board Break Experience, he can open and do a three hour intensive breakout session, he can open and be the emcee for the day. He can also do an amazing full day program.

Local Fee/association/non-profit/industry groups $9,500
Europe, Pacific Rim, South America and Africa $18,000
Small Regional events under 100 - Ask about special consideration.


Get Switched On! - The Power of Attitude and Activity

Get Switched On is a dynamic and fun experience designed to engage the audience and set the tone of contagious energy and interaction for the day. Be it a first day kick-off or a final day closing, this session will make you look great as a meeting planner. Chip has 19 years experience and over 900 successful events getting people plugged back in and switched on!

Chip will do his homework to customize his message to the theme, business model, audience demographics and current realities of the marketplace that impact you. He has designed sessions from 30 minutes to a full day program that consistently exceed expectations. If you want a lecture and Power Point slides DO NOT hire Chip. Watch the videos to see what his style is so compelling and effective.
In difficult market conditions like today people tend to make excuses and focus on what’s not working. Attitudes can sour and the quality of their effort can decline.

Get Switched On covers:

• Why is early detection is the key to reversing failure?
• What is the key to achieving long term success and balance?
• How to close the gap between where you are and where you can be?
• Why will your current vision will dictate your effort and destination?
• What brutal facts do you need to confront and take action on now?
• How can you be Switched On and at your best more consistently?

Get Switched On” generates incredible contagious energy in the audience; they, in turn, can attract and generate the energy to increase sales, energy to enhance customer service, energy to compete for the future. Chip show them how to Get Switched On for every phone call, every appointment, every customer service interaction, every sales opportunity and when you walk in the door at home.

I was very pleased with the closing of our meeting and how effective you were getting the message across to “Get Switched On”. The interaction from that big of a group was fantastic and keeping the team focused by filling out the worksheets, along with the energy and humor you provided created a great learning environment. I am glad we had you back again.”

Cliff Carlson, GM Field Sales & Operations, PPG Industries

Do you need an engaging way to kick off or close your event? Chip will customize this talk as the perfect opening experience to raise the bar for participation, energy and interaction at your event. It also works well as a closing experience to send people out the door with energy and a clear call to action. He will work closely with you so the content fits the needs of your event and ties into your theme.

BREAKING BARRIERS - The Board Break Experience

What will dominate the conversations at your next event? Chip guarantees it will be this program. The board break is an intense, emotional and climactic physical metaphor dedicated to over achievement and pushing your team’s energy to new and lasting heights. The room is filled with the spirit of self-confidence and acknowledgment. Your team, be they 30 or 2500, will be in peak emotional state, creating moments that will last a lifetime.

The room is alive and amplified with music and energy. Each person will celebrate in the thrill of overcoming adversity and experiencing an unforgettable moment of personal and team victory. They will commit to a specific personal and team goal on their board - that is what they have on the line when the break the board. That is what we will celebrate!

Chip excels at rekindling the passion for making a difference for the company, each other and the customer. This event builds trust, teamwork and total commitment. When people are concentrating on catching others doing things right - anything is possible. Igniting Team Spirit is the ultimate in employee motivation and is often added to other keynotes to create an extraordinary half-day to full-day event. This program will Unleash the Power and is the perfect closing event!

Chip’s energy and training was perfect for our event. The “breaking of the boards” at the end of the training event created confidence and excitement in those who were doubtful and a great sense of teamwork as each person cheered the others in their efforts.It definitely kicked off our event with class and excitement!”

Kevin Lange, Director of Training, ServiceMaster Clean

OWN IT! - Take Charge of Your Performance

Chip shows how the power getting clear on what you want and how taking ownership of your preparation, results and attitude can ignite tremendous performance improvements. Now is the time to reevaluate what you have been doing and take action to improve.

Many companies use OWN IT! as the theme for their event!

He covers the key elements of re-evaluation, clarity of a compelling vision, making new decisions, keeping score, moving the target and the power of attitude and activity. They can transform your team from a followership model to an ownership model, where everyone “owns” the mission and goals.

Kaizen or continuous improvement, is well-established in modern corporate culture as the process in which steady, incremental change leads to reaching your target. But what if you or your company needs bigger, more dramatic change?

What if the current economic reality dictates you must move the target?

Chip shows how incorporating more innovative or revolutionary change — into everyday activities can lead to incredible change. For many, it may be taking ownership of their energy and vitality which will lead to performance improvements in their career. For others, it is taking ownership of their expertise and performance.

Are they any better at what they do then they were 3 years ago?

Own It! inspires accountability, personal responsibility, trust in the team, and a long-term view of success. Even if you’ve settled for less in the past, or your company hasn’t gotten the results it wants, you’ve got what it takes to make it happen. Small individual decisions can lead to a greater sense of ownership and big results; bigger changes can lead to innovation and revolutionary change. Let Chip show you and your team how to own it!

Your presentation was uplifting, entertaining and gave
tactical advice our sales team will use. The Board Break Experience truly was an amazing way to end the morning and get our team to commit to their 2016 goals. You would be a huge asset to ANY group who is looking for an amazing, one-of-a-kind speaker. Your ability to connect to a variety of personalities, cultures, and ages is a true gift!”

Terry Babilla
President, BSN Sports

Here is what meeting planners have to say about booking Chip:

Your workshop score was 9.52/10 and speaker score was 9.63/10 with over 1000 people in attendance for your closing Super Workshop. Thank you for your hard work preparing to make this workshop program so successful!”

National Auto Dealers Association
Kerry Husk, Workshop & Seminar Manager

The effort you put forth in preparing for the presentation was evident. Your message was on target, exciting, motivating and relevant. You hit on all cylinders and your message was matched by your energetic style.”

Menieke Car Care Centers, Inc.
Gene Zhiss, VP Mktg. & Dealer Communications

When a Meeting Planner engages a speaker from a video promo tape, they are always a little anxious about the actual presentation (and presenter). I got my wish past my wildest hopes! Your presentation was not only inspired, but INSPIRATIONAL!”

Material Handling Industry of America
Victoria Wheeler, Director of Member Services

I was convinced in less than a minute that I had the right speaker after viewing your video. What exceeded my expectations was the level of customization and preparation. Your message was simply inspirational, believable, humorous and most importantly sincere. They were amazed that an ‘outside speaker’ could leave everyone with the impression you were a long-term employee.”

Boston Scientific, Inc.
David Bee, Director, Program Management

You bring new meaning to the concept of exceeding expectations. The best reward is the consensus about your positive impact, energy, and well-grounded nature. Your ability to transfer enthusiasm, while incorporating your message with the vision of our company, really hit home for our management team.”

Safeway, Inc.
Greg Sparks, President