Dave Barry

Nationally syndicated columnist, humorist, best-selling author, and Pulitzer Prize winner

Dubbed “The Funniest Man in America” by the New York Times, Barry has won legions of fans with his uncanny observations on the foibles of American society. Born in 1947, Dave Barry has steadily grown older ever since, without ever actually reaching maturity. In college, he was an English major who wrote lengthy, scholarly papers filled with sentences that he did not even understand. In 1983, he took a job at the Miami Herald and has been there ever since, although he never answers the phone. In 1988, he won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary pending a recount.

Dave has written several best sellers including: Dave Barry in Cyberspace, Dave Barry Talks Back, Dave is from Mars and Venus, Big Trouble, and his latest, Dave Barry is Not Taking This Sitting Down. The CBS television series Dave’s World was based on two of his books. The show has been canceled, but for the time being, life continues.

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