Dick Heller

Optimization: Leadership for Results
Travels from MA
$5,000 - $7,500

Dick Heller is a provocative and enlightening speaker and consultant with a focus on the power of leadership to bring out the best in our organizatiions and our selves. He has developed his expertise over many years working in a wide variety of situations in both the public and private sectors. Dick is a firm believer that “Leadership That Matters” is leadership that is dedicated to achieving results.

Dick is an advocate of Optimization, which means finding the energy and direction to reach for and realize the greatest achievable results. Optimization takes place at three levels: individual, team, and enterprise. As individuals, we need to seek “full extension,” like an athlete or dancer, using all of our capacities. As work groups, the goal must be richer dialogue and exchange of ideas to expand our possibilities. As an enterprise, we can use 21st century technology to re-examine and redesign the ways we do business. The inspiration and environment to create such greatness is the realm of leadership.

Dick’s model for leadership communication is based on the leader’s ability to be clear about establishing their unique VOICE (Vision, Optimization, Inclusion, Courage, and Energy). He brings a unique combination of perspectives to his speaking, consulting, and training. He spent nearly ten years with tompeterscompany! as a consultant and facilitator, ultimately serving as Vice President and Chief Inspiration Officer. Dick is a Master Facilitator and represents “The Leadership Challenge® Workshop” learning methodology.   Dick's earlier career was a television director at WGBH, public television in Boston, and he later ran his own video production for a number of years.

Dick has a view of the world of work that encompasses passion, energy, and perception. As an avid scuba diver, art historian, crossword constructor and photographer, Dick is always searching for new ways of looking at our lives and the way we work. A major theme of Dick’s outlook is the courage to risk change, and his brand promise, based on success and experience, reads: “I’ll get you to stick your neck out!”