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Don Reynolds, is past Chairman for over $120 Billion dollars in Pension and Trust Funds. Don has a Masters, in Public Administration, is a graduate of the Securities Industry Institute of the Wharton School, and has an Honorary Degree from the University of Moscow.


Don has lived 14 years overseas and visited over 50 countries. He has spoken to over a thousand audiences, in 19 countries including the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, the European Institutional Investor Summit, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Australian Information Technology Summit and Harvard Medical School.


Don provides a “Global Big Picture.” He believes most people are generally optimistic, but are nervous or paranoid about the future. He speaks about what audiences want to hear but also what they need to hear. Don is still active in financial markets, and writes an economic newsletter - The Paranoid Optimist.

The stock market can remain irrational, longer then the investor can remain solvent.”
- Lord Maynard Keynes


“Don you have developed quite a following in Phoenix,
your forecast are so accurate we are inviting you back for a threepeat.”
- Don Henniger, Publisher
Phoenix Business Journal


Mind stretching, you rank with the top motivational speakers”
- Luther Parker, Vice Chairman
American Society of Association Executives


A unique ability to discuss complex issues with deep insight”

- Liz Uihlein, President    Uline Corporation


Thank you for your electric and provocative keynote address. Your dynamic delivery kept us awake and receptive to the startling realities of the 21st Century.
- Helen Mc Bride, Manager Professional Development, American Bankers Association


A hearty recommendation: Exciting, educational entertaining! Where were you when I was taking Economics 101?”
- Ron Lyons, Program Chairman, Amoco Production Company


Thank you for your electric and provocative keynote address. Your dynamic delivery kept us awake and receptive to the startling realities of the 21st Century.
- Helen Mc Bride, Manager Professional Development, American Bankers Association




We are now looking at transformational change. The corporate mantra for many has been “If we can just hold on, one of these days things will get back to normal.” Forget about getting back to normal, this is the new normal. So instead of just trying to hold on, accept things have changed and develop new strategies. What are the key issues driving the global economy? What impact will China and India have on the US Economy? What will be the new reality for the housing market?


We are in recovery the trend is clearly up. There will be no double dip recession, Corporate balance sheets have over $2 Trillion in cash and another $6 Trillion in cash is sitting in money funds and short term deposits. Corporate earnings are strong and US exports are robust. The global economy should show economic growth in excess of 5%. The economy’s biggest headwind is uncertainty. We are still plagued by more housing foreclosures, budget deficits and poisonous political partisanship in Washington DC .


In the last twenty years the global economy has produced three billion new capitalists with a voracious appetite for consumer products, while creating a new global labor market. Asia has become the second engine of global economic growth; Europe seeks to define its new global identity; Latin America witnesses the birth of a new middle class; and mineral and agricultural rich Canada is perfectly positioned. Don presents a bold assessment of the current political and economic events and forecasts major trends in the global economy.



Don believes that the velocity of change is accelerating due to Globalization, Demographics, and Technology. When these forces interact, massive changes or tectonic shifts occur, creating a visceral new reality, perceptions change quickly. We will confront new ethical Dilemmas, New Trends in Technology and Bio Research will alter our lives more in the next ten years then in the last thirty.



This appeared in Time Magazine.

The US economy remains almost comatose. The slump already ranks as the longest period of sustained weakness since the Depression. The economy is staggering under many “structural” burdens, The represent once-in-a-lifetime dislocations that will take years to work out. Among them: the job drought; the debt hangover; the banking collapse; the real estate depression; the health care cost explosion and the runaway federal deficit.” It pretty much sums up the situation, however we have been here before! The quote you just read is from Time Magazine, September 1992. In September 1992, the Dow Jones Industrials was below 3400, which was the beginning of an eight year run to 10,940



Secrets of A Billion Dollar Investor:
Don shares he current views on global stock markets and shares some of his most successful trading strategies that can be used by the individual investor. What you will learn:

  • Investing is an art not a science.
  • Having a disciplined sell strategy.
  • How and when to cut your losses - and allowing your winners to run.
  • When to fire your investment CEO.
  • How to select a good mutual fund.
  • What you need to be reading and watching.

Amarillo Slim the legendary professional gambler was asked his secret to success. ” Most people go to Vegas and say they will quit when the loose a certain amount, I went to Vegas and quit when I made a certain amount.” He believes when everyone knows its a good deal its no longer a good deal. Treat your investments like a profit center and evaluate them at least on a quarterly basis.



Past Clients include

American Academy of Family Physicians
American Bankers Association
American College of Dentists
American Electric Power
American Society of Association Executives
Artic Slope Regional Council
Australian Information Technology Summit
Biodiesel Summit
Electronics Industry Association
Emirates International Forum of Dubai
Ernst & Young
Ford Motor Co.
General Dynamics
International Technology Conference of Morocco
Johns Manville
Land O’ Lakes
Lockheed Martin
Master Card International
Meeting Professionals International
Merrill Lynch
National Education Association
National Conference of Public Retirement Systems
National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association
Occidental Petroleum
Pilgrims Pride Corporation
Price Waterhouse/Coopers
Robotics Industry Association
Russian Academy of Sciences
Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority
Smith Barney
State Farm Insurance
US Department of Agriculture
US Department of Commerce
US Department of Defense
US Department of Labor
US Department of Social Security
US Internal Revenue Service
Wells Fargo Bank


- Demographic Rules of 70
- Global Trade & Capitalism
- Velocity of Change
- Disruptive Technologies
- The Dollar & Deficits
- Corporate Responsibility
- Rise of China
- Strategic Alliances
- Financial Markets Financial Markets
- Interest Rates & Energy
- Productivity & Exporting Jobs
- Long Wave Cycle
- Golden Age of Agriculture
- Gen X & Biogenetics
- Two Tiered Markets
- End of Geography
- Industry Specific Forecasts