Dr. David Cook

Peak Performance Consultant/Speaker - Mental Training Coach - Author of "Golf's Sacred Journey"
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 Peak Performance Coach

Dr. Cook has served as mental coach for the world champion San Antonio Spurs (1996 - 2004), over 100 PGA Tour players, and has counseled individuals and teams from the NFL, MLB, the Olympics, as well as collegiate national champions. David began his career as the Director of Sport Psychology at the University of Kansas (1984-1996) after receiving his PhD from the University of Virginia under one of the pioneers of sports psychology, Bob Rotella. He represented the United States at the International Olympic Academy; served as President of the National Sport Psychology Academy; was featured speaker at two National PGA Teaching and Coaching Summits; and was recently named, “Top 10 Mental Game Consultant” by Golf Digest Magazine.

David Robinson, Former NBA MVP, San Antonio Spurs, writes, “Dr. David Cook helped us greatly with our ability to focus and our determination to block out interference…and that’s not just for basketball…these principles can be applied to every aspect of life.”

Corporate Performance Consultant & Speaker

Dr. Cook’s ability to bring out superior performance goes beyond sports. In demand as one of the country’s top performance consultants and speakers, David teaches principles that help business leaders achieve their fullest potential in the face of adversity. Dr. Cook enables people from every walk of life to achieve their hidden potential. His business clients have included Exxon Mobil, Sprint, HP/Compaq, USAA, American Express, Bristol-Myers Squibb, State Farm Insurance, Robert Half International, and many others.

Zig Ziglar, leading motivational expert and best selling author writes, “… David Cook is knowledgeable, persuasive, sincere and specific in teaching the ‘why and how’ of change and growth through tough-minded mental applications. His program encourages and enables people from every walk of life to deliver superior performance. Dr. Cook’s message is exciting and his directions are specific and easily applied.”

Author of Golf’s Sacred Journey, Seven Days at the Links of Utopia

How can a game have such an affect on a man’s soul?” The first sentence of Golf’s Sacred Journey captures the depth of this powerful novel. Set in a story about a man’s journey with golf - the book goes beyond sport and explores what really matters in life. The final chapters comfortably lead the reader to face the question of ultimate significance, and introduce the reader to the Author of life. David explains, “Success has never filled a single man’s soul. It is my calling and privilege to share why, through the eyes of an aspiring young golfer and a wise rancher.”

Now in wide distribution, critics agree that this book is a must read for anyone who wants to improve his game - in sports or in life. Those eager to share its messages with friends, family or co-workers are the primary vehicle for the distribution of Golf’s Sacred Journey around the country and the world.

This reader response is typical of the hundreds of positive reviews:

In life very seldom does one have a life altering experience. This book was one of them. I will encourage people to read this and share with others. We need stories like this to bring out the good in everyone.” Don Hadden

Aaron Baddeley, PGA Tour Winner writes, “I personally couldn’t put this book down. Golf’s Sacred Journey gives you many great insights and a different perspective to the game of golf and then finishes with truth about life.”

Luis Palau, Luis Palau Association: “I was gripped by the tale and the principles so creatively laid out in Golf’s Sacred Journey. David Cook is obviously not only an outstanding golf professional and mentor to many a distinguished person, David is a strategic thinker, an enthusiastic and creative storyteller, and primarily - as I have read and internalized his book - he is an exceptional guide and counselor. He encourages us to think about golf success, success in life, the primacy of that which is spiritual, and lays out tools for us to maneuver through the rocks of life. The teachings of Jesus Christ and the principles of the Bible are clearly central to all of David’s exciting advice and counsel. Even his tips on fishing are worth the book!”

Founder, The Links of Utopia

The Links of Utopia is a 501(c)3 organization modeled after the message of the main character in Golf’s Sacred Journey, Johnny. The mission of the Links of Utopia is to equip and encourage those on their sacred journey and those who seek to help others find lasting significance. Beyond providing a way for readers to purchase the book in quantities, The Links of Utopia provides additional resources and experiences to extend the reader’s experience with the messages of the book. One example of its’ offerings is the companion study called Golf’s Sacred Journey Guide Book. Designed for individual or small group studies, this guide allows the reader to explore the principles found in the book. In addition, Sacred Journey Retreats, held in Utopia, Texas and hosted by Dr. Cook, provide life-transforming experiences for those who want to deepen their sacred journey. The Links of Utopia also works with local groups and ministries to host events featuring Dr. Cook and the messages found in Golf’s Sacred Journey.

Married over 29 years, David and his wife Karen have two daughters. The family splits their time between Utopia and Fredericksburg, TX.

Dr. David Cook - Biographical Summary

Sports clients

  • World Champion San Antonio Spurs, 1996-2004
  • PGA (100 players)
  • NBA (including 2 MVP’s) athletes
  • MLB athletes
  • Olympians
  • Collegiate national champions


  • Top 10 Mental Game Consultant,” Golf Digest Magazine
  • Featured Speaker, two National PGA Teaching & Coaching Summits

Sports Psychology

  • US Representative, International Olympic Academy
  • Past President, National Sport Psychology Academy

Business clients

  • Exxon Mobil
  • Sprint
  • HP
  • USAA
  • Heinz
  • Robert Half
  • American Express


  • Director of Sport Psychology, University of Kansas, 1984-1996
  • PhD, University of Virginia

Author, Golf’s Sacred Journey
Director, Links of Utopia

Most requested topics:
- “Mindset Of A Champion Series” “Reaching Your Potential in a World of Constant Change and Adversity” Technology changes with a blur, the stock market continues to fluctuate wildly, major corporations are imploding because of a lack of integrity, consumer confidence continues to erode, and all the while a new strain of terrorism grips the world. In the face of this onslaught of adversity, corporate success will be directly related to interference management. The Mindset of a Champion seminar tackles this issue head on and provides cutting edge strategies for competing at the highest level while facing great odds. It has been said that performance = potential - interference. The issue in most organizations is not one of potential. No, the issue is how to have potential emerge on “game day” when the interference is the loudest.

- “Turning Point Leadership” “Strategies and Tools for Moving to the Next Level” Everyone can remember a Turning Point experience; a defining moment in life and business where everything changed on a dime. People, experiences, adversity, and coincidences serve as catalyst for these life changing events. In this session you will discover strategies and tools for moving to the next level and preparing yourself and others for those critical defining moments in business and life. One of the great tragedies in life is to have destiny knock at the door and be unprepared to open it. There may be no greater reward for a leader than that of coaching another through a defining moment, a breakthrough, or helping someone move to the next level of performance.

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