Edward Gibson

American record holder for time in space, recognized leader and motivator in diverse management challenges, and highly effective speaker
Travels from AZ
$16,000 - $20,000



With extensive credentials earned from solid accomplishments including

  • 84 record-breaking days in space
  • 25 years of innovative business leadership
  • 2 novels, 1 highly acclaimed textbook, many articles
  • Ph.D. in Engineering and Physics from Caltech
  • 14 years as a ground-breaking NASA researcher

Ed tailors a wealth of topics to best meet your event’s objectives.  His personalized blend of leadership, adventure, management, and humor, will always captivate, motivate, and energize your audience.

Whether addressing 80,000 cheering football fans during a San Francisco 49ers’ halftime show, delivering a speech to a standing room only audience of 3,000 in Rochester, New York’s Eastman Theater, leading a discussion with 1,100 members of the Explorers Club in New York City or motivating 2,500 University of Texas Medical College graduates during a commencement address, Ed has enthralled hundreds of diverse audiences.



For 21 years, Ed held the American record of 84 days in space. During his mission on Skylab, America’s first space station, he also worked outside for over 15 hours during three different space walks.

In his 14-year NASA career, Ed supported the Apollo 12 crew and was their communicator while they explored the moon. He earned Air Force wings and logged over 2,200 hours in high-performance aircraft, 100 hours in helicopters, and 2017 hours in space.

Ed earned a BS in engineering from the University of Rochester and a MS and PhD in Engineering and Physics from the California Institute of Technology. After a year in industry, he was selected as one of six of the first Scientist-Astronauts, edging out 2,000 other applicants.

Ed excelled in program management with Booz, Allen & Hamilton and TRW Inc. and as President of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and Gibson International Inc. Recently retired as a Senior Vice President at SAIC Inc., he is now one of two Owner/Managers at Aerospace Partners, LLC and Chairman of a NASA Review Board of a Program for America’s return to the moon.