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The New York Daily News called her “the high priestess of household hints.” The Christian Science Monitor acknowledges she's “still the nation's dragon slayer of household tasks.” And USA Today dubbed her “Household hints tipster extraordinaire.” As author of the internationally popular column, “Hints from Heloise,” she's undoubtedly the world's most famous name in household advice.

Heloise, whose seven-days-a-week column is syndicated to more than 500 newspapers in 20 countries, is a contributing editor and writes a monthly column for Good Housekeeping.

She has written six books which are: Heloise from A to Z (1992); Heloise Hints for a Healthy Planet (1990); All-New Hints From Heloise: A Household Guide for the 90's (1989); Heloise’s Beauty Book (1986); Help! From Heloise (1982); and Hints From Heloise (1980).

Heloise grew into her role as columnist at the knee of her legendary mother who began the first “Hints from Heloise” for the Honolulu Advertiser in 1959. Daughter quickly learned how to tackle problems that are common to everyday households and, while yet in her teens, worked full time during summer vacations on the increasingly popular column. Although she had set out to teach math, she decided after graduating from Southwest Texas University that writing “Hints from Heloise” was what she really wanted to do.

Today the high flying Texan pilots her own hot air balloon in her spare time and shares her life with a busy husband, David, a plumbing contractor who was one of the country's first commercial balloonists.

Her home in San Antonio doubles as her base of operations. She has a staff of four who work full time, sorting and filing the thousands of hints received each month. Her staff helps research and test new housekeeping tips before they are suggested to Heloise’s vast audience. When mail runs especially heavy (as it frequently does) the regular office staff is supplemented by as many as six part time workers.

Heloise also enjoys spending time with her small zoo of animals which includes Savvi, a miniature schnauzer and Black, a black Lab, as well as Fussy and Dollie, the cockatiels and Rocky, a military macaw. And as she says, “I don't own them, they own me, and I love it!”