Natalie Coughlin

Olympic swimming gold medalist.

One of the most well-rounded swimmers ever, Natalie Coughlin combines power, speed and beauty. One of the poster faces of the 2004 USA Olympic team, Coughlin bought pride to her nation with her performance.  Coughlin left the 2004 Olympic Games as the most decorated female athlete, having won a total of five medals.  At the 2007 World Championships, the biggest international swimming event leading up to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, Coughlin finished as the world’s most decorated female swimmer in World Championship history.  Coughlin’s success at the 2007 World Championships followed her to Beijing, where at the 2008 Olympics, she won an astounding 6 medals, a first for any woman athlete at the games.  She has positioned herself as one of the most exciting and marketable athletes in today’s world, as well as one of the most talented swimmers in history.