Kevin Freiberg

International Best-Selling Author - Thought Leader
Travels from CA
$15,000 - $25,000

Topics - Innovation, Leadership, Culture, & Change

Concrete Examples • Entertaining Stories • Incredible Energy. Are a few reasons why clients in every part of the world invite Kevin Freiberg to be their featured speaker. Dr. Freiberg is on a short list of global thought leaders Fortune 1000 CEOs turn to for the kind of disruptive thinking that drives growth and gets people excited about the future.
Over 2000 companies in 60 industries across the globe have given Kevin rave reviews. His insights have helped ambitious leaders accelerate innovation, and STAND OUT in a sea of sameness by building companies that are hungry for change.


With over 850,000 copies sold worldwide, Kevin is an international best-selling author. His award-winning books introduce you to revolutionary leaders who have disrupted their industries:

NUTS! Southwest Airline’s Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success. This international best-seller is the Freiberg’s first book and shows how Southwest created the greatest success story in the history of commercial aviation. Although much has been written about the world’s most successful airline, NUTS remains the most detailed, comprehensive and entertaining case study on Southwest. And, with 42 consecutive years of profitability in an industry that has traditionally skated on very thin ice, the message is still relevant for those who want to learn about creating a culture of engagement, innovation and incredible customer loyalty.

DO SOMETHING NOW! DSN Three simple letters. Three simple words that could change your organization-change your life. The scarcest resource in organizations right now is not money or talent or ideas or power; it’s people who DO, people who add value and get things done. This book will inspire Dreamers to become Doers. Everyone wants to add value and this book shows you how.

Nanovation: How A Little Car Can Teach the World to Think Big and Act Bold. This is the inside story of one of the greatest innovations in the auto industry since the Model-T. It shows how, in the face of insurmountable odds, the people of Tata Motors created the Nano, a $2500 car that disrupted an entire industry. But more than that, Nanovation is a “how to” on making innovation a way of life-part of your cultural DNA. The book unpacks eight transferable lessons for driving innovation. These  insights are a road map for sustained growth and long-term business success.

BOOM! 7 Choices for Blowing the Doors Off Business-As-Usual. BOOM is about creating a culture where people don’t make excuses; they make things happen. It’s about ACCOUNTABILITY and creating POCKETS OF EXCELLENCE in your part of the organization-regardless of the conditions that surround you. BOOM! is a full-frontal assault on the victim mentality that pervades so many organizations. It challenges readers to step up and OWN IT-own the customers experience, own cost containment, own your own job satisfaction and your ability to make a difference.

GUTS! Companies the Blow the Doors Off Business-As-Usual. In many ways a sequel to NUTS, this book highlights many companies who understand the importance of being purposeful about leadership and culture. These are companies that are winning in a way that others say, “You can’t do that!” They have figured out how to create cultures where EVERYONE believes that innovation is their job, people declare war on the status quo, and the entire organization reaches extraordinary levels of ingenuity and productivity.

His most recent book, Be A Person Of Impact: 12 Strategies to be the CEO of Your Future. You are building a brand. The question is: Are you actively managing it or just letting it evolve? This book is an unapologetic kick in the butt to proactively manage your brand reputation. You can reimagine, rethink, refresh and even completely reengineer your brand. Why? Because your brand is in your hands. If you want to be indispensable, stand-out as the best in your business and lead others to do the same this book will show you how.Thought Leader…

Named one of the “Top 30 Best Minds on Leadership” by Leadership Excellence Magazine, Dr. Freiberg has appeared on CNBC, CBS Sunday Morning and the CBS Morning News for his views on the critical links between leadership, corporate culture, change, and innovation. He has also appeared on the television series Lessons in Excellence for CNBC India. His articles and interviews have been published in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Washington Post, Investor’s Business Daily, India’s Economic Times, India’s Business Standard, India’s Financial Times and Capital Business & Finance Magazine of Dubai.

Partial Client List:

Dr. Freiberg has worked with some of the most admired companies in the world including: Wells Fargo, AGCO, Bank of America, ICICI Bank, Credit Union National Association, Wilbur Ellis, Elanco, Humana, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Sharp Healthcare, Scripps Health, JR Simplot, Busch Entertainment, MGM Resorts, Carlson Hotels Worldwide, Choice Hotels International, Infosys, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Intel Corporation, Merck, ConocoPhillips, San Francisco Giants, Major League Baseball General Managers, Sony, Tata Group, Maruti Suzuki, LTD, USAA, Allstate Insurance, Southwest Airlines, Sherwin-Williams, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Department of Interior, Clear Channel, Cox Communications, Georgia Power, Duke Solutions, Southern California Edison, Century 21, Remax, Eli Lilly, Frito Lay, Arrow Electronice, Far West Equipment Dealers Association, Tandus Carpet, Sprint, AT&T, and Kuwait and Gulf Link Transportation Company. 

Client Testimonials:

Kevin, you were a huge hit! In fact your presentation was so powerful and by far the best external speaker we have brought in to date. Several of the subsequent speakers referred back to the key points you made. Thank you for your partnership, shared experiences, and we look forward to continuing our relationship. Vail Resorts

Kevin was wonderful! He truly fired everyone up to catalyze changeAARP

Homerun!  Let’s put him on the payroll! World Champion San Francisco Giants

Kevin, your message was by far the most important message delivered at our recent conference by a keynote speaker. You truly deserved a thunderous standing ovation. Thank you for sharing with us, and thank you for the work that you do. McKeon Financial

Kevin was amazing, we have already planned two more events to bring him back! MGM Resorts International

Kevin, you were certainly the highlight of our conference and your extraordinary familiarity with KOA put you in a very elite group of speakers. Not only are people discussing your content but they are also talking about the way you could quote KOA data with no reference to your notes. Thank you so much for taking the time to be sure your message was a lasting one. We indeed felt ‘courted’. KOA Kampgrounds

Kevin’s message was extremely relevant and he even used our words-people were amazed how he could talk directly to us vs. the usual canned talks. ConocoPhillips

It’s often a difficult task to have such a diverse group of global thinkers agree on something, but, Kevin, you achieved the impossible! I compliment you on the extensive preparation and outstanding job that you did despite having an outsider’s view to this industry. Infosys

I have been attending and running meetings of this type for over 30 years and your talk was far and away the best we have heard. Unisys

Kevin, your presentation blew everybody away! You were energetic and left the audience wanting more. I appreciate how you personalized the message for a crowd consisting of multiple companies in various industries. Ernst & Young

Kevin made the effort to really understand our business and the challenges we are facing. Everybody left with the feeling that the presentation was really targeted to them. Microsoft

Kevin was terrific. He electrified the crowd with his presentation. I believe the biggest message was YOU can make a difference no matter who you are. You have a choice, its all about the attitude you bring everyday. Kraft Foods

Kevin’s message was extremely relevant and he even used our words-people were amazed how he could talk directly to us vs. the usual canned talks. ConocoPhillips

Kevin, thank you for delivering such an appropriate message. Over and over our executives referenced points that you had made. Your presentation was hands-down the favorite. Honeywell


  • Bachelors degree in English Literature, San Diego State University
  • Masters degree in Organizational Communication, San Diego State University
  • Doctoral degree in Leadership, University San Diego
  • Professor, Business School and Communication Studies department, University of San Diego
  • Board Member, Ken Blanchard College of Business, Grand Canyon University


Married to business partner and co-author, Jackie, 27 years

Children: Taylor Grace (24) Aubrey Hope (21) and Dylan (14)

Officemate: Romeo (Golden Retriever) 

Avid snow skier, runner, cyclist, and P90X participant with a periodic mental lapse into skydiving


Good News to the Poor; a global movement dedicated to living out the principles of servant leadership

Voices for Children, an organization that defends foster children in the courts

Monarch High School, a first-of-its-kind school for homeless children


NUTS! Benjamin Franklin Award for the Best Business Book of the Year

NUTS! Booz-Allen/Financial Times Top Five Global Business Book Award

University of San Diego Author E. Hughes Career Achievement Award

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