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As the son of the late Vincent T. Lombardi, remembered as one of the greatest football coaches in history, Vince's early years were spent in an atmosphere full of personal power and achievement.

Armed with honesty, integrity and authenticity, virtues he places above all others, Vince earned a law degree and maintained a private practice while serving in the Minnesota legislature.

Vince made the jump from law and politics to professional football in 1975 when he joined the fledging Seattle Seahawks as an assistant to the General Manager. He went on to become Assistant Executive Director of the National Football League Management Council as a labor negotiator and later led two United States Football League teams as President and General Manager.

To each of these organizations Vince brought direction, enthusiasm, and the impetus to succeed. He has the remarkable ability to put people ahead of the organization, allowing each individual to do what he does best without losing sight of team goals. He gained a reputation for being tough, yet fair; uncompromising, yet supportive. The individual qualities and character of Vince Lombardi are exciting to witness.

It is an emotional uplift to watch and listen to Vince Lombardi as he weaves together his childhood experiences with his father and his adult experiences from law, politics and professional football.

Vince Lombardi's enthusiasm for growth, change and improved performance, blended with his strong personality and first-hand knowledge of his legendary father's leadership techniques makes for a dynamic presentation.

Speaking Topics

High Performance People
(45 minutes to a half day)
This highly inspirational message answers the question: High Performance People, What Do They Do and How Do They Do It? All high performance people, regardless of their background, share a common outlook in terms of how they perceive themselves and the world around them. We can orchestrate high performance.

Coaching for Teamwork
(45 minutes to a half day)
Building a team, motivating a team, is an art, a science, a necessity! Team building is the key strategy for organizational effectiveness for the 1990s. The coach creates a proactive environment by building trust, respect, and commitment. The coach fosters a winning attitude by having a vision, motivating constructively and building accountability and resiliency within the team.

Motivation, Commitment, Mental Toughness
(45 minutes to 1 hour)
Goals without commitment are nothing more than good ideas. In this presentation Vince talks about the qualities, attributes and habits of a winner. How clear, vivid goals and dreams combined with commitment and mental toughness can take you from where you are to where you want to be. There are no lazy people, just people who don't know what they want or how to get it.

Comments from clients:

…”It's not an easy job to bring 500 sales people to a rousing ovation on a Sunday morning. The fact that you did just that, is a great tribute and a very lifting testimonial.”
—Curtis 1000

…”Your professional skill and knowledge contributed greatly to the overall value of our program, and provided significant 'takehome' information that was both useful and timely.”
—American Bankers Association

…”Personally, it was interesting for me to note that during the rest of our meeting, members were relating to your presentation and to the terminology and thoughts which you presented.”
—National Life of Vermont

…”You captured our minds and hearts. You told meaningful stories without too much emphasis on sports. You gave us valuable insights and practical tools. And, you were the best prepared, most gracious speaker I've ever encountered.”
—Colorado Society of CPA's

…”You held the crowd in the palm of your hand. You tied in our Company name and particulars about our business very well. This impressed everyone in the room and showed extra preparation and thought.”
—Yuasa Exide