2020 Tom Landry Classic

Tom Landry

Founded in 2000, the Tom Landry Classic is one of the premier high school football events in the country and the largest high school sporting event in Texas (average attendance of 28,000+). Annually, this doubleheader showcases four of the region's top high school teams. The Classic was created to honor the legacy of legendary NFL Coach, Tom Landry who led America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys to two Super Bowl victories.






Hannah Ethridge (Cedar Hill High School)

Siddhi Malvankar (Allen High School)

Kyle Easley (Lovejoy High School)

Lauren Henderson (Colleyville Heritage High School)

Victoria Tricomi (Cedar Hill High School)

Julianna Whitecotton (Allen High School)

Tyler Beidleman (Lovejoy High School)

Chase Allen (Colleyville Heritage High School)

Nicholette Nunley (Cedar Hill High School)

Brizah Ambriz (Allen High School)

Mason Melendez (Lovejoy High School)

Kate Westrom (Colleyville Heritage High School)

Elisha Jones (Cedar Hill High School)

Jenna Lowenberg (Allen High School)

Lily Hager (Lovejoy High School)

Will Drogosch (Allen High School)