TV, Radio & Film

Professional athletes are available for guest starring roles in feature films, small cameo parts in sitcoms and even playing themselves on reality tv shows. Contact LST for available list of athletes for your next project.

Feature Film and TV – Talent placement

Mike Ditka - Kicking and Screaming Joes Vs Pros Ed Jones Cooking with Legends
  • Kicking and Screaming – Mike Ditka
  • Without a Paddle - Jerry Rice
  • Up Michigan -  Mike Ditka
  • Welcome to Mooseport – Chi Chi Rodriguez
  • Yes, Dear – Johnny Bench, Frank Robinson, Ernie Banks, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  • Still Standing – Mike Tomzak
  • The Jersey – Tony Dorsett
  • Coach – Troy Aikman
  • Joes Vs. Pros – Herschel Walker, Dominique Wilkins, Jesse Armstead, Rickey Williams, Andre’ Rison, Bruce Smith, Spud Webb, Randall Cunningham, Michael Irvin, Tim Brown
  • Tough Man FX Sports – Randy White, Anthony Munoz
  • Walker Texas Ranger – Tony Hill
  • Cooking With Legends – Tony Dorsett, Randy White, Ed Jones, Charles Haley, Charlie Waters, Cliff Harris, Bill Bates, Daryl Johnston, Drew Pearson
  • ESPN College Review - Barry Switzer, Tony Dorsett
  • The River - Annie Duke, Boston Rob
  • The Split - Norm Hitzges

TV & Radio Sports Shows and Webcasts

Barry Switzer and Tony Dorsett on ESPN HBO Dallas Cowboys Hard Knocks Dallas Cowboys Turf Talk with Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware
Local and National TV and radio networks such as ESPN, FOX, The Ticket, WBAP, KLIF, NBC, CBS, HBO and NFL Players Inc. have relied on LST for talent placement for radio and television shows and webcasts utilizing current and former sports stars.